Tax Extension

Filing your income tax returns is very important. If you fail to pay your taxes on time, you are liable for a penalty. Most of us are aware that the deadline for paying taxes is April 15th every year.

While most of the time, you pay up your taxes before this deadline, there is a possibility that you may not be able to do this. Don’t worry. This does not mean you will be penalized for non-payment of taxes, because you can always apply for a TAX extension.

What a tax extension does is that it delays the time period before which you file your tax returns. US tax extensions are available for up to October 15th. Now you can get this extension benefit for yourself, without having to mention why you need the extension. This is actually a privilege given to you by the IRS. The only requirement here is that when you submit your tax extension request, you give in correct information. The extension is applicable for a period of six months.

Since we use the internet for so many things today, you can also use it to request for a TAX extension. No need to present forms in person anymore. One site where you can quickly do this is Visit the site to make your request. You just have to mention your contact details and answer basic questions in an online form. The entire process of making the request and filling in necessary details takes only a couple of minute’s time. Filing a tax extension could not have been easier. Once your request is through you will get an email that let’s you know the status of your request.

File for a tax extension, in case you find that you may not be able to meet the April deadline. Do this now and don’t miss out on paying your taxes.